Gym Software: 4 Features That Your Clients Will Love

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The right software will make life a lot easier for you and the staff at your fitness center or gym. It will also include features that your clients will want to use frequently. When you look at the WellnessLiving business management tool, make a note of what your clients can do by using the app. Here are four features that are sure to be a hit.

Easy Check-In and Check-Out

The days of coming to a front desk to check-in are over. Now your clients can use an app to check-in. Your employees will know in real-time that the client is on the premises. That’s great when one of your trainers is waiting for a client to arrive for a private session, or if an instructor is wondering how many students have arrived for the next class.

When the client is finished with the class or the workout, checking out requires nothing more than a couple of touches to the screen. Everyone wins with this approach.

Shopping Opportunities

If you have a shop that carries fitness clothing and gear, clients don’t necessarily have to come in to shop. You can set up an eCommerce site complete with descriptions of each item. It’s easy enough to select whatever the client wants, pay for the items, and arrange for them to be bagged and ready for pickup. Your clients could easily do their shopping at midnight and then pick everything up when they come in the following evening for a class or to work out.

Signing Up for Classes

The app makes it easy to see what classes are on the schedule, when they begin, and if there are still any open slots. If so, your client can select the class, verify the dates and times, and then sign up. Along with being convenient for the client, this also allows you to know when a certain class is in high demand, and adding another one may be a good idea.

Scheduling Sessions With a Personal Trainer

Just as clients can sign up for classes, it’s possible to set up private sessions with one of your personal trainers. The client can check on availability and then request the session with ease. Once the trainer confirms the session, it’s locked in and no one else can request the same date and time.

Along with helping your client schedule a private training session, this also helps your trainers plan out their days. At a glance, they can see how many private sessions they have coming up over the course of the week, when each session is to take place, and what sort of preparation is needed before the clients arrive.

Remember that not all fitness software works the same. If you’re not happy with the current setup and want to check out an alternative to Mindbody sign up for a free trial. Test the alternative for a month and see how things work out. If your staff seems to like the change and you get positive feedback from the clients who try out the new app, the search for new software will be over.

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