4 Tips That Will Help You Make the Most of SEO on Your WordPress Blog


Creating a managing a WordPress blog can be rewarding. That’s especially true once you build a positive reputation among readers. In order to do that, it pays to make search engine optimization part of your planning for the blog. As you will learn from Mike Zhmudikov, chief SEO strategist at Seologist agency, there are a number of ways that the best SEO practices can help make your blog stand out from the pack. Here are four tips that will help you get started.

Choose Your Theme With Care


There are plenty of WordPress themes to consider. While finding one that appeals to you is important, put yourself in the position of your readers. They do want pages that are nicely laid out, easy to navigate, and load quickly. As you compare different themes, make sure they have all those qualities.


What does this have to do with SEO? Some of the elements of those themes will come with descriptions that can be optimized. Along with ensuring that the general experience is a positive one for your readers, accurate and properly optimized descriptions will help boost your pages in search engine results.


The Right Plugin Will Help


There are WordPress plugins that can help you identify keywords that potentially help each of your blog posts. Those suggestions are great in terms of helping you get started, but do take the time to learn how to check the popularity of those keywords. This is most easily done by making use of the free resources provided by the major search engines. When you find that the results from the plugin line up nicely with what you learn from using those search engine tools, make sure you only use keywords that are relevant to the subject matter of the blog in general, and to your blog post in particular.


Create Optimized Descriptions for All Images


Remember the advice about descriptions? It also applies to any images that you use as part of each new blog post. Word the description so it’s succinct while including a keyword or phrase that the search engine crawlers will notice favorably. That’s one more way to attract positive attention for the post and boost the odds of it appearing higher in the search engine results.


Get Help With Keyword Usage in Your Posts


The centerpiece of any blog is the blog post. In that post, you’re offering information that’s helpful to the reader. For that reason, you want to make sure that the purpose for the post is clear, the structure is logical, and the reader arrives at the end of the post feeling that the time spent on your blog was worth it.


As part of the content creation process, do use keywords that directly relate to the subject matter. They should blend in seamlessly and seem natural to the reader. Do use keywords and phrases that are currently trending higher on search engine results. That will increase the odds of attracting more attention and possibly motivating more readers to share your post with those in their social network.


If you feel unsure of how to make the most of your blog, there are professionals who can help. Talk with an expert about auditing your blog and coming up with some ways to make it better than ever. As you learn more about what you should know about SEO consulting and how it can benefit you and your blog, there will be no doubt that working with an expert is the way to go.

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