5 Design Tips to Make Your Mobile App Stand Out

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Mobile apps have been a big force in the digital realm for quite some time. Businesses of all kinds use mobile apps to reach their target audiences. While there are so many ways to make your app stand out, design is one of the most critical factors that will help your app attract and retain users.

If you’re in the middle of designing a mobile app, here are five tips that can make your app stand out and beat competitors:

1. Concentrate on Responsive Design

Concentrating on the responsiveness of your app is a crucial part in the mobile app design process. Responsive design is needed to ensure that your app adapts to all screen sizes and resolutions. Because there are so many gadgets out there, you will miss out if you’ll just design your app for smartphones. People use tablets, smart TVs and iPads all the time, so why not make your app’s design fit for those devices too?

If you want people who surf the web using their desktop computers and cellphones to be able to enjoy your app equally, then zeroing in on the responsive path may be wise for you.

2. Embrace minimalism.

Don’t ever forget that less is more when designing a mobile app. That’s why you should embrace minimalism and avoid making things overly complicated. Straightforward and sleek design elements can make things a lot less confusing to users. Minimalistic design also helps your app load a lot faster. People these days tend to steer clear of apps that take forever to load or those that are confusing to use.

3. Think About Classic UI Concepts

Classic User Interface or UI concepts can be a game-changer and they are oftentimes what people want. You should prioritize design components that are transparent and easy to grasp. You should prioritize application harmony, too. If you prioritize harmony, then you can eliminate the burden of having to keep track of all kinds of differences in features. Don’t forget that you don’t have to make everything particularly distinctive, either. Stick with simple design and validate the design through user testing.

Don’t forget that your aim should be to create an app that people can use easily day in and day out, so you also need to filter recommendations even if they came from real users.

4. Think About Visual Components

People in this day and age tend to be highly visual beings. They spend so much time gazing at screens throughout the course of the day. If you want to make your app stand out, then you need to make smart and logical color decisions. Change things up with color. Do the same thing with textures as well.

Don’t forget that eye-catching visuals have the ability to entertain users for a longer period of time.

5. Consider the Requirements of Your Target Market

You should seriously consider your target market when designing your mobile app. When you are designing an app for the younger generation, then you can experiment and add features and design elements that they can enjoy and relate with. You can be a bit playful with colours when you’re targeting millennials. However, when you are making an app that will be used by the older generation, then you should stick with simple designs.


When it comes to mobile apps, people want to feel that designers and developers care about them. So, it’s better to pay more attention about what users will feel when they are using your app and design it in a way that is straightforward and it gets the job done. That way, you can strengthen user experience and retain users.

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