How to Recording Netflix Movies Using Movavi Screen Recorder


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Were you initially pretty happy to hear that Netflix now allows users to save videos onto their hard drives so that they can watch their favorite movies or TV shows without having to be online? Before you start celebrating however you should know that the feature isn’t available for all titles – and is subject to several limitations that are likely to frustrate you.

Instead of having to worry about the version of your Netflix app, OS, available storage space and a host of other factors – you could just ‘save’ any Netflix movies that you want by recording them with Movavi Screen Recorder. Once you record Netflix movies you can then save them on your hard drive, transfer them to other devices, and watch them as and when you please.

Start recording a Netflix movie

To start recording a Netflix movie, you should launch Netflix and find the movie – but don’t start playing it and launch Movavi Screen Recorder instead. The first thing you should do is make sure the capture frame is positioned so that it encompasses the Netflix movie, and you can do that by either drawing it using your mouse cursor or selecting a preset from the interface.

On the interface you should see a ‘speaker’ icon labelled ‘System Audio’, and it should be highlighted so that Movavi Screen Recorder captures the audio from the Netflix movie. If it isn’t you can click on it to enable it.

Assuming you’d rather not sit through the recording and manually stop it, you can click on the ‘alarm clock’ button and set it to stop automatically after a fixed duration. It is worth noting that Movavi Screen Recorder will let you schedule both a start and stop time – if you prefer.

In any case when you’re ready to start recording press ‘REC’ and play the Netflix movie. After that you can relax until you need to press ‘Stop’ after it’s done, or if you set a timer then you don’t even need to worry about that. In either case once the recording is complete Movavi Screen Recorder will open it in a preview window so you can go over it or trim out any unwanted parts.

By default Movavi Screen Recorder will automatically save all videos that are recorded in MKV format, but you can always opt to save it later in a different format if you prefer. Additionally if you want you could adjust some of the other recording parameters and set the frame rate, capture keyboard and mouse actions, or adjust the sound levels.

As you can see it isn’t that difficult to set up Movavi Screen Recorder so that it is able to record Netflix movies while they’re playing on your computer. Not only is this method so easy, but it is also far more powerful as you won’t be subject to any limitations and can save any Netflix content that you may want to. On top of that you can do the same for other video content on different platforms as well with the same method.

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