How to Create Engaging WordPress Tutorial Videos


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If you want to create a WordPress tutorial video, you should try to make sure that it is as engaging as possible. Keeping viewers engaged throughout your tutorial will keep them watching, and that will improve both its effectiveness as well as its value to viewers.

While video engagement itself is a difficult metric to pin down and define, it is basically all about retaining viewers, keeping them interested, and encouraging them to react. For WordPress tutorial videos in particular, there are several ways that can be done:

Select topics that are narrow and focused

By selecting topics that are narrow, you will be able to create video tutorials that are short and focused. That is essential for engagement, as viewers are more likely to finish watching a tutorial that is 2 minutes or less, than one that is 20 minutes or more.

Let viewers know the goal of the tutorial – quickly

One of the best ways to open your video is to introduce the goal of the tutorial right at the start. That will let them know what they stand to gain, and encourage them to keep watching – which is a decision most viewers generally make in the first 8 to 10 seconds of the video.

Write a script and fine-tune it to be direct

By writing a script you will be able to structure the video, and you can then fine-tune it so that it is more direct and results in a shorter and more concise video. A good starting point is to list out the steps that make up your WordPress tutorial video, and then expand on each step to create the script itself.

Find the best way to show each step in the tutorial

Part of the reason why video tutorials are more engaging than other types of tutorials is the fact that they can effectively ‘show’ each step visually – making it easier to understand and absorb. If you want your video tutorial to engage viewers you need to leverage that and find the best way that you can ‘show’ each step visually.

Make sure the voiceover is clearly audible

Don’t make the mistake of being so caught up in the video itself that you don’t pay much attention to the audio voiceover that is part of it. At a bare minimum the voiceover must be clearly audible, but it would help to also make sure that it isn’t monotonous or droning.

Monavi Video Suite

If you take advantage of everything listed above you should have no trouble creating engaging WordPress tutorials. Actually recording the tutorial itself is likely to be the easy part, as all you need is a simple video maker for PC like Movavi Video Suite to pull it off.

As a final piece of advice – try to track and analyze the performance of all your WordPress tutorials. That way you should be able to gradually learn from them, and improve each new tutorial that you publish based on the data that you collect.

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