Developing Your Own International Website


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As we continue to mature into the information age, the need for an online presence gets stronger every day. This is why the number of websites around the world continues its exponential increase and has yet to show any signs of slowing down. This need is especially pressing for anyone looking to establish a credible commercial presence outside their neighborhood.

As the nature of business tends more towards globalization, it becomes essential for business owners of appreciable scale to have internationally oriented websites that cater to the global marketplace. One thing to remember for websites that wish to garner a following across borders is that each country will view your website differently.

This phenomenon is largely due to the servers present in each country. Servers can differ quite noticeably in terms of the visual orientation as well as the connection speed among other things. As such, it might make sense for business owners to take a look at how their website looks like and how accessible they are for users in key international target markets.

VPNs to the Rescue

This is where cost effective VPNs like Ivacy can be extremely helpful with your international presence. In short, what a VPN generally provides is a combination of privacy protection, and locational as well as personal anonymity. A good VPN service does this through encryption software, as well as the provision of alternate IP addresses that complement each other to provide users with the online cover that they are looking for.

Because the market for VPNs has grown so much in recent years, it has enough room to diversify into various niches. Because of this, many VPN services specialize to cater to narrow segments that have specific needs. This means that a bit of research should be done before settling on a VPN service that is right for you.

The Right VPN for an International Business Website

For the international business website operator, there are some general factors to consider when looking for a suitable free VPN service. The main consideration will be the provision of alternate IP addresses, especially with regard to the international target markets.

All you need to do once you have signed in to your free VPN service is to go to the list of IP addresses offered by the service. Simply select the IP address of your choice and all exchanges going in and out of your electronic device will be rerouted through one of the servers present in your selected location.

What this will look like for outsiders is that your actual location is the one you selected because that is what outsiders will see. Not only does this protect you from easy outside interception, but it also allows businesses to gain a different perspective because they now have the ability to see how their websites look like to people in different countries.

When you change your IP address, the entire Internet looks at you as if you are from that alternate IP address and will treat you as such. You will receive advertisements that are catered to the location of your alternate IP address and even your search results will be changed based on where you are perceived to be.

You will also experience the same visual layout of website as people who are actually located in the area of your alternate IP address. This can be used by businesses to see how their websites look like and make adjustments as needed.

That way, you will be able to optimize the visual quality of your website in all your target markets and correspondingly increase your website’s appeal to international netizens. All of this will greatly help towards the end goal, and that is to increase user traffic and increase commercial activity on the website.


Using the System to Your Advantage

Another big way you could use knowledge of how your website looks in different countries to your advantage is by learning how to specially cater to each of your target markets through knowing what they see, as opposed to what you can see.

Businesses can do this by going through their website layout in detail using an IP address from each of their target markets. By doing this, they will be able to see exactly what their potential customers are seeing and better understand what it is that they need to do.

The same goes for the wording layout. Because different languages sometimes require vastly different amounts of space to express the same sentence, it makes a lot of sense to know exactly how much by using alternate IP addresses to find out.

Businesses will then be able to adjust their website’s layout for each target market by staying on the alternate IP address and making the changes necessary to optimize the layout of their website for each and every one of their major target markets. The result will be a website that is much more flexible and versatile to the needs of the International market and a surefire way of increasing web traffic to your site.

In an increasingly digitized and globalized world, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to take into account their impressions in the online space, and specifically the International online space. Those who are quick to realize this reality, and adapt to it in a way that is enthusiastic, will position themselves perfectly to benefit from the changes that are taking place in the business world!

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