5 Best Free SVG Editors Online for 2023


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SVG Editor Online is a website that provides a platform for users to upload SVG files and edit them online. Its design service may come in handy as it offers six graphics boilerplate templates.

The tool supports importing files and includes some basic features such as undo, redo, crop image, rotate the image, resize the image, and export the object with full resizing. Moreover, the site provides easy SVG shape import editing with download or copy-paste URL links.

This online editor has good preview functionality for lots of responsive shapes that let you submit your work quickly to easily adjust the size or color of your design in real time for better draft outlook reading.

What is an SVG file?

SVG is an open, XML-based drawing format for two-dimensional artwork. It is becoming a popular choice for user interface designers and web developers.

Today we introduce to you the 5 best free and powerful tools that make it easy and fast to edit SVG files online.

How do I open and edit an SVG file?

An SVG Editor is a program that can help you create, edit and export Scalable Vector Graphics files. You can also use an SVG Editor to import and modify images from other applications or devices.

There are two main types of editors for these graphics: text-based, graphical editors, and one-click design apps with many different templates for creating graphics.

Free SVG Editor Online

This SVG editor serves to give users the power to design, modify, and transform their own SVG vectors from a live and interactive within their browsers without the need to download and install any software. It leverages CSS3, HTML5 and SVG as the primary user interface mechanism. With many powerful features provided, it will help you easily edit and download svg quickly, also you can export svg file as png.

Boxy SVG Editor

With Boxy SVG Editor, you can draw straight lines and shapes to create icons, logos, SVG mock-ups and much more. Icons tend to be a bit complex in design so make sure on how to use the software. This will help this application choose image elements such as text content and progress bars for you based on what’s called algorithms. Method Draw also generates code for your designs automatically which can save time when it comes to re-creating or importing a design into your website or application.


Using this editor, users can adjust the color ranges of any supporting object on their drawings. They can also see how their sketches look in a creative canvas where they can rearrange or change every design across multiple browsers and operating systems. You are able to draw and skip steps without filling them in.


Janvas is a free online web-based editor for vector graphics like SVG, VML and |D svg that was started in 2016 in Slovakia by Paul Molnar.

One of the best features of this software is it’s simplicity. Janvas eliminates the need to learn stroke styling and complex shingles, helping to avoid errors and saving time on training unskilled workers.

With an intuitive UI, intuitive drag and drop access, simplified function menus and a clean user experience; Janvas has been able to generate huge popularity on platforms like Product Hunt as well as being honored with awards such as TNW’s App of the Day Award in April 2018.



Vecta.io is an free SVG editor for the web that has powerful custom-built functionality to edit and manage vector files, where SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. With Vecta, they can use their data without coding and build everything from scratch in minutes.

These programs include a code editor, which allows graphic designers and developers to design the pages automatically.

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