5 Of the Most Popular WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

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Observing the recent Internet usage trends, it can easily be predicted that mobile devices will surpass the conventional computing devices in the coming years. In fact, you’ll notice a steady increase in the number of users accessing blogs via mobile devices.


If you’re running WordPress blogs, then make sure that they feature a “mobile-friendly” design. Mobile devices like iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets offers an optimized mobile browsing experience to users. And so, it is very important to ensure that your users don’t stumble across potential issues – while viewing your blogs via a mobile device – or you might lose some potential clients.

Fortunately, there are some excellent WordPress plugins out there that helps in making your website mobile-friendly.

Below is a list of top 5 WP plugins that helps to make your site optimized for different mobile device screens.



WPTouch is the most popular and widely used WordPress plugin that replaces your site theme into a mobile-optimized theme. It’s available for free, and offers greater customization abilities like creating custom codes, adding social media icons in the footer, language detection and many other styling options. WPTouch is extremely easy-to-use, just install and activate it. That’s it! Once activated, the plugin automatically transforms your site into a mobile-friendly version – without modifying the settings.

The nice thing about this plugin is that provides seamless transition between mobile theme and regular website theme.

This plugin pro version starts at $49 for a single website including a few extra feature and security updates, etc. Also, the pro version comes with the agency, WooCommerce and enterprise packages – that costs $99, $199 and $349 respectively. The astounding features that WPTouch Pro version offers makes it a worthwhile investment.

WordPress Mobile Pack


The new revised version of WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0+ has been built from scratch and empowers bloggers and several content creators to “appify” their blog content. With this plugin, bloggers can provide an exceptional reading experience to their readers, by providing them with a web app. It even allows to sync your pages, posts and its comments into the mobile web application.

What’s more? This plugin offers tons of customization options giving you the flexibility to tweak your blog posts in the best manner possible.

WP Mobile Detector Mobile Plugin


As the name suggests, the WP Mobile Detector plugin detects the device that a user is using to access your site, and automatically displays a mobile optimized theme to visitors (including blog readers) – using a mobile device for viewing your site.

The plugin lets you choose from 7 different themes the one that you would like to display to your mobile users. With features like image resizing, mobile optimized content, and advanced mobile statistics to name a few, the WP Mobile Detector plugin helps in facilitating mobile browsing experience the way mobile users desire.

In case you want to design your own custom mobile optimized theme for your WP powered site with more customization options, then you can opt for the pro version of this plugin.



MobilePress is a free and simple to use WordPress plugin that helps in transforming your WP website or blogs into a mobile-friendly version. It gives you the ability to utilize custom themes and offers mobile-friendly settings. This plugin will soon be restructured for its new version – MobilePress 2.0 release.

The problem with this plugin is that it renders less control and there is only one basic theme for you to use.

iThemes’ Mobile


iThemes’ Mobile might appear to you as a simple plugin, but it’s very powerful and helps in creating a device-aware mobile themes for your WP site or blogs – without much fuss. It comes loaded with a rich set of features like built-in mobile style manager, custom header uploader, 4 customizable ready-made themes and many more. It provides support for WordPress 3.0 custom navigation menus for your blog theme.

The best aspect about iThemes’ Mobile is that it not only support Smartphones, but also supports multiple devices.

The pro version of this plugin is available for $45 for 2 websites, which best suits the need of personal bloggers or a single website owner. Besides this, people who want to create multiple sites can choose the $75 package for 10 websites, which is perfect for business owners running multiple sites. Lastly, there is a $150 package ideal for developers looking for unlimited licenses to create multiple sites.

Wrapping Up!

Though the list of WordPress Mobile Plugins is not comprehensive, but all the plugins as discussed above offers a simple way to present mobile optimized content to users – who use mobile devices to access your WordPress blogs rather than conventional computing devices (like desktop, laptop etc.).

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