15 Modern Bathroom Design With Wooden Bathtubs


Bathroom is one of the most important factors to turn your house into a home. Almost people go to the bathroom every day in the evening after working or studying hard; or in the morning before they leave home. Going to the bathroom is a part of every daily routine. Bathroom is the perfect place to comfort and relax after having a tiring day of whole work. When people build or buy a house, they spend a large amount of money to decorate bathrooms. Today, walk in showers of double bathroom tubs are popular while bathroom storage and oversized bathtubs are also frequently sought after.  Moreover, there is a tendency to use the wooden bathtubs in bathroom to create a unique atmosphere. Determine what you want and what you have to find the best way to create a beautiful bathroom.

Here are our gorgeous ideas for 15 modern bathroom design with wooden bathtubs.

wooden bathtubs

Wooden bathtub in retro bathroom inspiration. This design is an ideal bathroom for folks who have an appreciation of stylised design from decades past.

wooden bathtubs

This bathroom design is the combination between the modern and the trandition. The wooden bathtub and the well – design light create the unique atmosphere which makes the owner feel relax after having a tiring day of whole work.

wooden bathtubs

Wooden bathtub looks like a stone bathtub. All the furniture are made of wood. This bathroom design help people get closer to the nature and it is suitable for people who love traditional beauty.

wooden bathroom

Modern and small bathroom design with the stunning wodden bathtub. This style will make your house not only unique but also exquisite with all the wooden furniture.


An unique bathroom design with fascinating and overhead light, white sink and wooden bathtub brings the newness and the unique for your house.

wooden bathroom

The latest design with the grey stone wall and glass door combined with the wooden bathtub. The candles and the modern light and the harmonious  color create a ideal place to relax after a tiring day.


An oriental style bathroom design with the light from candles, the round woodden bathtub makes your bathroom look like a bathroom of Chinese or Japanese traditional houses. Wooden bathtubs The simple style with the wooden wall and bathtub combined with thư white sink. The flowers makes your bathroom more beautiful.

wooden bathtub

Spanish style with all the wooden furniture and the big window. This design is very suitable for the house and vila in a village or in the mountain.

wooden bathtubs

The luxurious design make people totally comfortable  and realax. You can read your favorite book or enjoy a glass of your favorite drink when soaking in the bathtub. This modern design is a good choice for your house.

Wooden bathtubs

The porcelain bathtub on a wooden cover is a new choice. Many people like this design. Besides the bathtub, the overhead light, the wallpaper light and the pictures also show the eyes’ beauty of the owner.

wooden bathtubs

The wooden bathtub in a marble bathrooms. Marble is a royal material. It is refined and expensive. This style is the most exquisite design for bathroom. Hanson bathroom Hanson bathroom is the harmony of the simple and the elegant. With 2 main color gamut , the morden style is chosen by many people who want to relax in a luxurious place.

wooden bathroom

This is one of the most exquisite designs for bathroom. All the wooden furniture from the door to the bathtub create a wonderful distance to relax.

wooden bathtubs

If you had a vila or a big house near the beach, you can choose this design. This wooden style with the exquisite furniture brings the owner the relaxed and enjoyable feelings.

Quality and beauty furniture from formation, color to material is essential for your bathroom. You can choose the most suitable things for your situation from the vast of selection of sinks, bathtubs, steam showers, saunas, etc. Our suggestion is one of the best ways to bring you to the good choice.


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