6 Amazing Meditation Rooms

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We work, have families, juggle our obligations and make sure they work around others’ schedules, and it can all be downright stressful. Week after week, home feels more and more like a category five hurricane. Although not a groundbreaking new idea, meditation rooms can be a quiet, relaxing retreat where you can regroup, and revitalize in a tranquil environment that’s immune to the chaos elsewhere in your home.

Here are some amazing, unforgettable meditation spaces that will have you ready to ditch your home office or guest bedroom and create a calming, inspiring, serene space of your very own.

Let the Ocean Sooth You

Let-the-Ocean-Sooth-You Via zillow

The ocean, the crystal clear skies, the white platform and built-in seating: Let this space totally take your breath away. When you’ve finished meditating, sit and sip wine with friends while breathing in the rich tropical air.

Meditate in Luxury

Meditate in Luxury Via Houzz

This meditation room is also somewhat a hybrid bedroom with a bed that’s lined like a velvet box, but make no mistake that this space is meant to inspire tranquility. The tall amethyst standing by the bed is meant to inspire deep relaxation and to help you achieve higher states of consciousness.

Mountain Meditation Cabin

Mountain Meditation Cabin Via Houzz

If you’re one who prefers fresh air and mountain views, then this mountaintop meditation cabin is your ticket to nirvana. Align your chakras while taking in incredible panoramic views of nature in all her splendor, especially in the fall with the gorgeous autumnal foliage.

Pond of Tranquility

Pond-of-Tranquility Via zillow

This meditation hut, which is built in the center of a gorgeous pond, beckons you to come hither. The sound of the waterfall seen to the side is the cherry on top of this incomparable space. When it comes to having a meditation space like this, the only problem would be the fact that you’d never want to leave it.

Scenic and Serene

Scenic-and-Serene Via zillow

In this open meditation and yoga studio, you’ll want to meditate with your eyes wide open so you can take in the gorgeous mountain in the distance, the pristine grounds, the blue skies, and the flora. The Greco-Roman columns are a practical yet classic way to support the roof while making sure that space remains as open as possible, which makes this a meditation space that you wouldn’t likely forget.

A Calming Soak

A-Calming-SoakVia zillow

You’ll want to forgo showers to meditate in long, relaxing baths with a setup like this. Although the rainwater shower head will certainly provide a reprieve from your day, the trickle of bathwater with the warm amber and brown tones in the surrounding tile will reinvigorate you to your bones.

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