6 Best Dog Responsive Website Bootstrap Themes


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Since ancient times a dog lives near a person and is their friend and assistant. This is the first animal domesticated by ancient person. He has shared food with a dog, and it has helped him on hunting and protected him and his housing. Since those times, true friendship continues between them.


Today the role of dogs in human life is very important, it performs many functions. Firstly, a dog is usually a pet of the whole family that warms your heart with a friendly attitude, entertains you and guards your home. Dogs are very clever, they are able to be taught, they understand an owner and feel his mood even without words. Specially trained dogs help search for people in mountains, rescue on water, serve in the police and others become guides of people who have lost sight. Also dogs won’t allow you to get lost in the wood.
Dog is a loyal friend of a person therefore even more often it becomes a family member. Demand for dogs will never decrease therefore this bootstrap themes will be always relevant.
Dog Responsive Website Template is a perfect solution for website about dogs. The template is fully flexible and compatible with the majority of devices and browsers. Thanks to responsivity text and images are flexible as well, so they will be rendered correctly. It is built with Bootstrap. It scales your site with a single code base. With the help of slider you can showcase the most important information. It serves as a great thing if you are eager to highlight something, for instance, some new products or items on sale. Intuitive navigation will help your site visitors operate the site. One more feature is progress bars. With its help customers can see how far long they are in a process. You can communicate with your customers and clients using online chat. By means of Google web fonts you can create a unique look of your site and make it stand out among the others. On the front page you are provided with such links as home, about us, training, gallery and contacts. By clicking on each of them, your clients will get all necessary information about your services, foods for dogs, dogs’ trainings and how to buy a dog.

Without fail this theme will make your business a success. If you are looking for another template, take a closer look at our website. Here you will find a great number of beautiful and multifunctional Bootstrap themes!

Dog Responsive Website Template


A responsive website template build with Bootstrap Framework great for build Dogs site. This theme has the useful features such as Online Chat, Progess bars, Google Map, Google Fonts and Direct contact form.


Dog Responsive WordPress Theme


A premium responsive WordPress theme for make a site allow expose their puppies that have for sale , share with clients important information about their dogs , stories of satisfied enough , make your team, etc..


My Pets


My Pets is a clean and responsive html website template. It is suitable for petsitters site, a pet’s blog or other pet oriented sites. My Pets comes with gallery album, blog pages with post formats, special pages, contacts page and more.




Doggy is a responsive wordpress theme with modern and clean design great for built for the dog care or pets services.




dogTraining is an elegant, minimal wordpress theme great for Dog boarding kennels and the pet services industries. dogTraining makes it easy to use, and has a powerful options framework which makes the theme completely customisable.




Dogger is a responsive html website template with flat and clean design. Dogger is particularly suitable to create a blog for your Dog or Pets. You can use it for all platforms and compatible with the majority of devices and browsers.


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