Top 30 WordPress Themes of the Season


What can be better than 30 new and bright WordPress themes during this wonderful springtime!

When the sun is shining, when girls take off their overcoats and wear short skirts and colorful blouses, when your heart is full of new expectations – it`s high time to renew your website. One of these 30 cute WordPress templates will give you and your visitors an amazing mood, full of warmth and spring extasy. They are collected by the experts of web-design to offer you only the best examples of WordPress templates.  They are all not only appealing but also user-friendly. That’s why they are perfect for quick development and popularity of your website. These features will attract a big amount of readers and potential clients. Make a step forward to the popularity of your site; choose one of these 30 attractive WordPress themes!

It’s Magic – Personal Page WordPress Website

Personal Page WordPress Theme

This enigmatic WordPress template can give you a magic wand to attract new clients and express your bright personality. Believe in magic and impress others with this original personal page WordPress theme


Perfect Exterior Design WordPress Template

Refined Exterior Design WordPress Theme

Exterior decoration is an important step in building a beautiful and safe home. Improved thermal protection, longevity of the building and its environmental friendliness are the basic tasks of your business. But the main feature of your exterior design should be an aesthetic appearance. This refined WordPress template will stir your imagination and perfectly show your creative potential.


Retro Style Memorable Events Planner WordPress Site

Memorable Events Planner WordPress Theme

Every celebration begins with two main factors: a desire and an occasion. The same is with website creating. Retro style memorable events planner WordPress template is specially created to make your life brighter, and every holiday a memorable one. It gives positive and good mood to your visitors! Corporate events and private parties, birthdays, large-scale conferences, presentations and other entertainment programs … They will be full of smiles and happy faces!


Sweet Latte – Place WordPress Theme

Food Place WordPress Theme

Eating is the most pleasant and peaceful activity. When we eat something really delicious we forget about all the cons of our everyday routine. This creamy food place WordPress theme will bring you to the world of fantastic taste sensations and unforgettable impressions.


Luxurious Limousine Services WordPress Website

Limousine Services WordPress Theme

We all have special days that lift our mood, bring us pleasant memories, or open the door to the future. Every time celebrating some occasions we want to make them memorable. However, vivid emotions and impressions are impossible without an extravagant entourage. And limousine services WordPress website gives you a luxury reflection of such unforgettable moments.


Professional Online CV WordPress Template

Online CV WordPress Theme

Resume is the first contact between employees and employers. Sometimes it can be the last one, especially if an employer considers that a candidate is unsuitable. Your CV is your first acquaintance with your future boss. How to make it interesting for a potential employer? Professional online CV WordPress template is the best solution.


Quality Translation Services WordPress Site

Translation Services WordPress Theme

New translation services WordPress site will help you to find common language with the world! New life, new love, new people and unforgettable experience. Everything will be possible with this stunning and highly-functional template.


Into the Wild – Ranch Location WordPress Theme

Favorable Ranch Location WordPress Theme

If you are a city dweller – what can be better than finding yourself in nature’s lap. This ranch location WordPress theme brings us back to basics. Contemplating the unique mountain landscape you can physically feel the freshness of the air and the taste of crystal clear water.


Unobtrusive Apartments for Rent WordPress Website

Apartments for Rent WordPress Theme

This simple WordPress template for rent apartments will not bother your visitors with lots of unnecessary elements. If you prefer minimalism and constructivism – this theme is just foe you.


Shining Jewelry WordPress Template

Jewelry WordPress Theme

God made you beautiful. Show it to others and highlight your beauty with luxurious diamonds that shine like crazy!


Male Dream – Meat and Fish Restaurant WordPress Site

Meat Fish Restaurant WordPress Theme

What is tastier – meat or fish? Such a contradictory question. However, what`s the point thinking about the answer if you can choose both! Two delicious products in one stunning WordPress template. What can be better!


Dynamic Tennis WordPress Theme

Tennis WordPress Theme

For some people tennis is not just a kind of sport or hobby. It is union of a man holding a racket with a ball which he wants to tame. There has to be some magic in this process that makes thousands of people adore it. This black tennis WordPress theme completely represents this supernatural power. It is as strong and dynamic as this gracious sport.


Safe and Exciting Vacation WordPress Website

Vacation Security WordPress Theme


Travel Insurance Company WordPress Template

Travel Insurance Company WordPress Theme

When we choose a place for our next vacation we don’t have any desire to think about some unintended consequences. This WordPress theme is specially created for those who yearn for new experiences, thrills, vivid impressions and just loves to travel!


Aquamarine – Fish WordPress Site

Fish WordPress Theme

Ready to visit Ocean-city and meet all its amazing inhabitants? Ready to explore the depths of azure water? Then this deep-blue fish WordPress template is just for you.


Italian Pasta WordPress Theme

Family Pasta WordPress Theme

When we talk about pasta, the closest association that arises is Italia! It is a place where macaroni can be of different shapes and colors. It is the only place where people know the secrets of their proper cooking and serving. And this theme can be the one that will fill your website with the spirit of Italia.


Modern Design Studio WordPress Website

Design Studio WordPress Theme

This template is created for new generation. It is smart, innovative and adoptable, thus having all the necessary to be up to date.


Relaxing OpenAir Yoga Classes WordPress Template

OpenAir Yoga Classes WordPress Theme

Feel the power of four elements of nature, harmonize your soul and body with this relaxing yoga WordPress template.


Best Kids Summer Camps WordPress Site

Kids Summer Camps WordPress Theme

Our brightest memories come from our childhood. Give only best experience to your children; let them have a good time full of emotions and new impressions.


Artistic Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

Photography Online Portfolio WordPress Theme

Photography is a real art. It has even more fine distinctions than painting or music. This graceful photography portfolio WordPress theme will give you an opportunity to show all the subtleties of your work, to show your talent and artistic taste.


Alluring Lingerie WordPress Website

Refined Lingerie WordPress Theme

What can be more beautiful than an attractive, confident woman wearing luxury lingerie that emphasizes all the advantages of female body! Seducing lingerie WordPress site will amaze females and sweep all the male visitors off their feet.


Mouthwatering Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Template

Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Theme

This theme will be a perfect guide for your clients. It is bright, attractive and containes so mouthwatering images that no one will be able to resist the temptation.


Caring Medical WordPress Site

Medical Responsive WordPress Theme

This is a pure and welcoming template that will make your heart beat stronger than before.


Simple Rental Services WordPress Theme

Rental Services WordPress Theme

This WordPress template is simple but clearly structured. It has everything to help your clients find a perfect place for night and for a lifetime.


Original Web Designs WordPress Website

Professional Web Designs WordPress Theme

Creative theme for creative people. If web design is your cup of tea there is no better way to show it than a bright WordPress site.


Attractive Web Portfolio WordPress Template

Persuasive Web Portfolio WordPress Theme

Your employer should see your great portfolio showing required skills and knowledge. And good design can help you to attract his attention. Just use this stunning web portfolio WordPress template and your goals will be achieved.


Colorful Planting-Harvesting Board WordPress Site

Planting Harvesting Board WordPress Theme

This Harvesting WordPress site is as fresh and vivid as the life itself.


Web Promotion of Universities WordPress Theme

Web Promotion of Universities WordPress Theme

Show others the way to their bright future.


Going to Extremes – Surfing Club WordPress Website

Surfing Club WordPress Theme

Surfing is one of the most emotional and pleasant extreme sports ever created by human. Catch the wave, feel the wind in your hair, listen to the ocean’s song. Feel a real spirit of nature sitting in front of your computer screen with this exciting surfing club WordPress website.


Reliable Kids Center WordPress Template

Kids Center WordPress Theme

One of the most important parts of our life is kids. We want them to grow strong, smart and reasonable people. And of course we want to find highly professional teachers and do our best to give them brilliant future. And until our moral principles are family-oriented, this stunning kids center WordPress template will be on the peak of popularity.


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