5 WooCommerce Plugins That Help You Recover Abandoned Cart


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Cart abandonment sucks! It’s the biggest headache of all online shop owners around the world. According to a report of Baymard on 33 different studies on well-known eCommerce websites, the average abandoned cart rate for online shopping cart is 68.63%, which means there is only 1 out of every 4 customers actually complete the purchase. Wasting money and effort to drive customers to your website for conversions, then they leave their orders on the last step, that is unbearable. So how can we recover abandoned cart? How can we bring our customers back to complete their order?

Let’s take a look at 5 below WordPress plugins and see how they can help you reduce cancelled orders.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

example of using WordPress plugin to recover abandoned cart


example of using WooCommerce plugin to recover abandoned cart

This is the ultimate Woo solution which helps you recover abandoned carts into sales. With this plugin, you can easily send emails and coupons to those who intended to buy your products but exit on checkout page. Recover Abandoned Cart automatically save customer’s email address to send cart recovery notifications/coupons. You can also track how many carts you have reclaimed via the visual report tab.

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WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro - intro

WooCoommerce Abandoned Cart Pro - tychesoftware

This best-selling premium plugin from Tyche Software sets it apart from other abandoned cart recovery plugins by giving you unlimited email templates, as well as customize email timing loops as steps to bring your customers back to their orders. By using this plugin, you can recover abandoned cart of both registered customers, as well as guest buyers. This plugin can save all your cart abandoned information, including the products that they have abandoned. As Chris Lema said, “And it does some nice reporting – comparing recovered sales (from carts) to abandoned carts – which everyone wants but doesn’t ever get around to coding. Now you don’t have to wait.”

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WooCommerce Cart Report

using WooThemes plugin to recover abandonment rate

using WooThemes plugin to recover abandoned orders

using WooThemes plugin to recover abandoned orders

This official plugin from WooThemes is a premium WooCommerce tool that helps you have a visual overview about converted and abandoned carts by time. Based on abandoned carts’ details, including abandoned products, now it’s easier to take action to bring abandoned customers back and close sales. Very simple and easy to use, with zero coding experience.

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WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Lite

using WooCommerce Abandon Cart Lite
using WooCommerce abandon cart lite -2

This is the free version of premium WooCommerce Cart Report. With this free plugin you can recover abandoned carts of both guest buyers and registered buyers. For more tracking and customization (including coupon management), you can check out the PRO version for this plugin.

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Save & Share Cart For WooCommerce

Save and share WooCommerce cart to reduce abandonment rate

Save and share WooCommerce cart to reduce abandonment rate

This plugin goes a thousand miles far from 4 above plugins by let customers manage their saved cart. They can also save their cart in their account or email for buying later. By doing this, you won’t have to waste too much effort to recover abandoned cart, since your customers always notified about their uncompleted cart. Moreover, they can share their carts to their friends, which can lead to more sales from referrals. Get ready to DOUBLE your sales right here!

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More to explore…

Still not satisfied with these 5 above recover abandoned cart plugins? Try using exit-intent popups. You can also generate coupons as incentives to bring your customers back to their orders by using coupons.

Have some great recover abandoned cart plugins in mind? Share with us on the below comment section. We can’t wait to hear from you guys.

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