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15 Ideal Bedroom Designs For Teenager Girls

Ideal Bedroom Designs For Teenager Girls

Our babies grow so fast from a toddler to teenagers. Teenager girls are very different from teenager boys. If a room for boys needs theme featuring automobiles, toys, and planes, a room for girls need theme featuring dolls, teddy bears, and all the things look like a princess abode. Remember that your daughter is a princess and her room is a small castle. All of the rooms for teenager girls have a small bookshelf, beautiful cabinets, especially the pink, orange and red decorating elements.  When you decorate your daughter’s room , remember to find creative and refreshing ideas.  Don’t forget  your teen girl is the boss, ask her opinion before decorating and make sure that you know clearly what she wants  and whether she likes her room or not. The teenager girl’s room should reflect deeply the teen girl’s interest. Besides that, a teen bedroom should also be functional for resting, doing homework, chatting and playing with friends, enjoying free time activities such as reading books, listening to music, etc.

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Have a look at our suggestion of 15 Ideal Bedroom Designs For Teenager Girls so that each parents can choose the both functional and aesthetic decorating ideas  for your  teen girls’ room.

A Rooftop room with pink decorating elements for romatic girls who love fairy tales . From wall paper to beautiful cabinets show that owner is a sweet girl. The little fairy and the unique clock create the beauty of this room.

If your teenager girl is a simple girl who loves nature, this traditional design  is very suitable for her.  A small bedroom with a bookshelf, a studying table and a big window create a comfortable atmosphere.

A big beautiful bed with colorful blankets and lovely fillows is the best choice for sweet and personal girl. The big window with pretty curtain is also brings the loveliness for the room.

A simple bedroom for teenagers with a small bed, white blankets and pillows, a small bookcase on the left of the bed, a big window and picture. The pink curtain makes the room more girly.

The impressive point of this design is the wall paper paint and the bed with many pillow with different sizes.

Cute bedroom for all teen girls who love pink.

Lovely bedroom for gentle teen girls.

The brighten bedroom with all the bright color furnitures and decorating items. The overhead lights make the room brighter, the simple brings the owner comfortable feelings.

A large window with beautiful views is the perfect thing to see in the morning. A pink design for cute teen girls.

An other design with lovely decorating elements : heart symbols are every where combined with the pink color create the  sweet atmosphere for candyholics teen girls.

A warm room for cute but simple teen girls. Only a big bed with some teddy bears make your little girl satisfied.

A  traditional bedroom for teen girls with a small bed, a table , and a cabinet. The main color is white and blue combined with the wooden floor and brown rug create the gentle and luxurious room.

Fresh and relaxing bedroom design for teenagers who love Barbie. From the bed to the heart rug make your daughter feel like living in a doll’s room.

A bedroom for personal and book and art- lover teen girls. This design is both luxurious and  gentle.

The design has the nice bed’s position in order to take advantage of  the natural light and views. Oversized patterns and decorations make great focal points.

For those who want a modern and stylish bedroom for your daughter or daughters, the above ideas are all about the little details that give personality to a room and the teenager’s room are supposed to be nice and joyful.Of course the general design of the room and the furniture size is adjusted to the teen girl’ s age. So pick the right idea for your teen girls and put it into practice.